My Name is Keri-Lynn not Keri. Please do not call me Keri, it's rude.

ABOUT Keri-Lynn

Hi, I'm Keri-Lynn. Not Keri, or Carrie, and certainly not Carolyn or Lynn. I love to create great Designs, User Experiences and compelling User Interfaces and then make them even better.

About Me:

I am a Creative UX Director, Director of Design and Senior UX/UI Designer with over 18 years of diverse experience, specializing in human-centered information design, experience design, interface design, web design, graphic design and animation, along with mobile application design. My clients have spanned from small business accounts to fortune 500, ranging from business to business, SaaS, education, sports, retail, tourism, music, television, health care, communications, energy, software and non-profit organizations.

What I Strive for Professionally:

I think a great work environment, talented collegues, clients and the opportunity to contribute to something outstanding is what is most important in my career. That is without a doubt what has proven to be most difficult in obtaining. I always want more professionally. Not necessarily things or money, but I want to learn more and constantly get better. I want to keep the pressure up. I want to take on the toughest challenges. That's how I constantly improve my skills and knowledgebase and stay interested and driven in all aspects of design, UX & UI, leadership and management. More than anything I would prefer a work from home or telecommute full-time position.

My Personality & Sense of Humor . . . Unless You Call Me Keri!

I have been called serious when I need to be but fun at the same time. I love the idea of working with people that are brilliant; whom I admire and respect. I know and understand what it means to work as a team to make something great. I look forward to making my next opportunity better by my addition and skills.

In this life, in this world there is so much to be interested in, to learn about, and to pour one’s creativity into. I enjoy most four-legged animals, walking, hiking, boating, socializing with friends, cooking, reading, action and or comedy movies, aquariums, Lego, computers, video games, drawing, photography, lot's of daily laughter and traveling. There are a million things I want to try, to do, to be better at. There is never enough time in the day, week, or year for everything; though I’m really trying.


I WILL NOT relocate for a contract job. No way in hell. Recruiters, please stop calling and asking if I will relocate for a three month bull-crap project! No thank you. I mostly live in Las Vegas, NV as well as Los Angeles, CA and I am not interested in relocating as I love the weather and environments of where I currently live.


What has been most difficult for me is explaining why I have worked for so many companies. I am by no means a job jumper. My entire professional career I have been tirelessly searching for a stable company I could work for and be with long-term. Unfortunatley, I have not had that luxury professionally. In Metro-Detroit where I am from no less than 10 companies I worked for had gone under. I cannot tell you how many times I have had paychecks bounce. I relocated to Las Vegas, NV in late 2008 and ironically that is when the economy tanked. Ultimately, I would love to work for a stable company long-term. I have found in Las Vegas that the salaries offered here have been far less than what I make at home in my pajamas. It is not worth it for me to fight traffic and drive to work every day when I make far more at home in pajama-land. To conclude, I am looking for a LONG-TERM position with ONE company. Whether that position is in Los Angeles, Las Vegas or a full-time work from home telecommute position remains to be seen.